Scooter Rally / Tuneup

WHAT: Scooter Rally and Tuneup Event
WHEN: Sunday, February 9th, HIGH NOON
WHERE: Trey Sundmaker’s space at KRANTZ STORAGE YARD
530 Coolidge St, Jefferson, LA 70121


Hollywood Cannata is organizing this year’s Sooter Rally and Tune-up event. King Trey Sundmaker has graciously offered the use of a garage to which he has access. Apparently, that includes some mechanical niceties that could serve to make this the most productive event of it’s kind that the Krewe has held to date.

This is a no-frills, BYO, show up and get your motor runnin’ kind of gig, to run from noon on Sunday, February 9th until the scooters are in shape. So pull that hog out of the shed, or out from under the house, or from it’s special slot in your 3-scooter-garage, and meet up with your mechanically inclined brethren to ensure you are ready for parade season.

Keep in mind that on parade day, scooters which are clearly malfunctioning, dangerous, or creating excessive nuisance through noise or exhaust may not be allowed to roll. Make sure you take this opportunity to bring your ride up to snuff.

Thank you, thank you very much.

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